Giving Lingerie: Be Her Hero and Give Her What She Wants!

If you are close enough to a woman to buy her something as intimate as lingerie, then you want to show her that you can handle this honor with ease and success. The following lingerie guide will help you to pick the perfect item, to enchant your lady and show her how thoughtful, clever, and romantic you really are!

What lingerie should you buy, or not buy?

The first thing to remember in buying lingerie for a woman is that it’s important to buy her something that she will actually wear, and and won’t be offended by. If the woman you’re buying lingerie for doesn’t wear or approve of dominatrix lingerie, etc., don’t buy it for her.

Lingerie is a very intimate item, it is worn closest to her skin, and should reflect her personality, and her character.

Ask her what she likes, or notice what kind of lingerie she wears normally. Some women do not like thongs or g-strings, and will not wear them. Other women find see-through lingerie or mesh lingerie as trashy. Some women will find garter belts very sexy, while others will see them as slutty.
Look at what she wears on the outside. Does she wear tight jeans with a tight t-shirt or tank top? If so, she may like a lingerie item that is a little tighter, that shows some skin. If her clothes are looser and don’t show much skin, she’ll probably want something a little modest.
You can also use the more direct approach; talk to her and ask her to look at lingerie pictures online to help you learn what she’ll like or dislike.
If you don’t ask, and are not certain, then a baby doll, camisole with matching panties, or a slip may be your best bet; almost all women would enjoy these items. Look for items made from silk and satin that flow away from the body with minimal embellishment.

After you’ve gone through the above process, you’ll discover what she likes, and can make good decisions about what to get for her.
Resist the temptation to stray to wilder lingerie than you think she is comfortable with; again, you can do that at another time, right now the gift is all about her, and what she wants, and will feel great in.

Your gift should show that you think your lady is beautiful, right now, as herself.

Learning her correct size

For this, I favor the direct approach: ask her what size dress, pants, blouse, bra, panties, shoes, etc. that she wears, and what her measurements are (bust, waist, and hips) and her height and weight, and let her see you writing this all down, as you pledge to keep it a secret till your dying day.
Even if the numbers don’t mean anything to you at this point, they will later when you shop.
She will be flattered that you are interested in being exactly correct, and intrigued that you are planning to shop for her. You can also go through her drawers and closet to get most of this info, and keep your intended shopping a surprise.
If you would like info about plus size lingerie, please see my Plus Size page, here.

Choosing a color for her

There are many colors in lingerie, and you may be uncertain which one to choose for your girl. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to settle on.
Again, look in her drawers and see what colors she favors for her bra and panties, etc. Does she favor solid colors, or patterns, flowers, etc.? Write down a note of what you see most of (on the same piece of paper that has her sizes); pink, red, white, floral patterns, and so on. Knowing this you can select something she will enjoy. Also, you know to stay away from black, and polka dots, for example.
If you’re still uncertain, a shade of pink is usually a nice choice.

What about lace, ribbons and other embellishments?
Some women like lingerie with tassels on their breasts, but most don’t! Some ribbon and lace on lingerie can be very tasteful, again, go classy, not trashy. If you’re uncertain, basic lingerie with minimal embellishment may be the best.


Learn about the different types of lingerie

Another tip to buying lingerie for women is to know what kind of lingerie there is. Learn what a bustier, camisole, and boy shorts are, for example. The photo glossary section coming soon here will be an excellent resource for this, so you will be more knowledgeable and efficient when you actually shop online.
There, I recommend one or two excellent sites, which meet my standards, and are great places for men to shop, too! They have very fair return policies, also, in case you want to return an item.


In Conclusion…

There is just one more tip to buying lingerie for women, and that is what to do if she doesn’t like your gift. Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t feel too bad if she tells you she does not like it; simply let her know you were uncertain about what to get, and thought this item might be nice, but you would be far more comfortable if she helped you choose something better. She will admire your gallantry!

Remember, the goal is to get something she will appreciate and enjoy. She will think fondly of you and your gift every time she wears it!