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Look Better

Bridal lingerie has a wide range of uses and choices. Used traditionally with wedding attire, bridal lingerie serves both a practical and sexy purpose. Whether it’s a new lacy push-up bra or a daring garter, the undergarments to the gown serve the purpose of keeping everything in its place, then the visual appeal when everything else comes off!

You can use your lingerie to fulfill the “something new” or “something blue” – but you definitely don’t want “old” or “borrowed” lingerie on your special day!

Some of the items you will need to purchase include new panties, bras, garters and stockings . You will want to have an easier garter that you can actually remove for the reception as well, since a real garter is used to hold those stockings in place!

Wedding gowns, whether casual or formal, are one of the most intricate pieces of clothing you will ever purchase. Once you select the gown, you will need to find an appropriate bra to flatter your bust while still staying in place without straps coming out. Some gowns will require a specialized strap system or a scooped bust; doing your research will help you find the perfect item, and shopping online will give you a wider range of choices.

If you want to go with a bustier, these pieces are multi-functional. Working as a bra and a girdle, many also have a garter attached. The benefit of a good bustier is that it can help shape and smooth your figure under the wedding dress.

This sexy piece of bridal lingerie will have your husband in knots on your special night, especially if you have never tried wearing this type of lingerie before. While you look slim and smooth with the dress on, you will be hotter without the dress, than while wearing it!

Have More Fun

Even if you don’t buy lingerie specifically for the wedding dress, having a few special pieces to put on for the wedding night and honeymoon will give an added level of passion to the evening. There is something that makes a woman feel special and sexy when wearing a new piece of nightwear that can’t be found any other way.

There is a style of bridal lingerie that suits every woman’s personality. If it’s a classic gown, you can find luxury items in white or ivory to duplicate your actual wedding gown. If you’re a little racier, find a peignoir set with a robe for lounging in the hotel while room service brings breakfast.

For those who are savvy to lingerie, now is the time to add to your collection. Sexy accessories or panties with messages – such as panties that read “I do” across the front, will be fun now and later. Once you have worn a few nice pieces of lingerie, you will realize that it is a great way to spice up your marriage periodically.

Make sure to invest in a few quality pieces of lingerie. This will be better against your skin, and you always get what you pay for. You don’t want disposable lingerie that you can only wear only a few times. Buy pieces that you can use again and again when you need a special occasion.

Start With A Bash

Having a lingerie party will bring guests to life! At my best friend’s shower, we were uncertain how the grandmothers would handle the gifts.

We were shocked to find out they gave the most daring lingerie, and one wrote on her card “I hope you like this: I know your husband will!”. Imagine the shrieks and laughter that followed.

This demonstrated just how important lingerie was, not just to younger women, but as we age it holds a timeless appeal. The grandmother who wrote the note was 76 years old! Lingerie is appropriate for a woman of any age, any size and any stage in life. Feeling sexy will help enhance other areas of a woman’s life.